What is PowerCAD?

PowerCAD is a small business based in Tommerup Stationsby, Funen in Denmark. The company mostly carries out PCB-layout using PADS and OrCad, however, we also make diagrams, documentation, component research, Visual Basic programs (in a small scale) and even import via PowerImport - The PowerCAD import department. Itís our ambition to yield high quality at reasonable prices.

Why PowerCAD?
Many companies in Denmark involved in developments and production of electronics are of a size where out-sourcing of the layout is the most sensible option.
Many larger companies also make use of external layouters when "the heat is on" and they lack capacity. Other advantages are:
  • You get help and advise regarding PCB design.
  • After a case has been completed the customer will have coherent documentation.
  • The documentation is sorted by use during the production.
  • Any other layout company will be able to continue with the project.
  • The customer saves money by not having to update CAD-software.
  • The layout company is firmly familiar with the software.
  • Drawings and diagrams are delivered in .pdf-format (the .pdf-reader may be downloaded from Adobe's homepage).
PowerCAD possesses knowledge about print design and constructions gathered in cooperation with more than 100 engineers/technicians from hundreds of cases, so the customer's engineers/technicians may focus entirely on designing the curcuit itself.

PowerCAD is an independent service bureau, without its own product development. So we have no interest in "borrowing" your ideas. All informationís are being considered confidential, and will never be passed to any third party without the customer's consent. The customer receives a full documentation of the design and can at anytime receive a new copy if needed. This way the customer has a backup of all documentation.

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