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PCB layout and schematics
We are specialized in making Printed Circuit Boards with PADS and OrCAD. We believe the way to make a good quality PCB design, is done by using a tool that you know well.

Mentor Graphics tool for designing PCB. PADS is a concept, containing several programs as PADS Layout, PADS Router, PADS AutoRouter, PADS High-speed Routing, PADS Logic, DXDesigner, I/O Designer, HyperLynx, DxAnalog and Fusion / ViewSim. During the time PADS has used other names as, PowerPCB, PowerLogic, PADS2000, PADS Perform, PADS PCB. These changes were made while PADS was sold to Innoveda and afterward to Mentor Graphics. 

OrCAD is like PADS a tool to design PCB layouts. OrCAD is concept from Cadence that contains OrCAD Layout, OrCAD Capture and Specctra.


Parts and Libraries
Component libraries are usually a sensitive topic. We have built up our own library, which our customers have the free right to use. As add on, we built one especially for the customer, this contains parts that are only relevant for him. By agreement the libraries can be returned. If the customer like us to use there own libraries, this can also be arranged.

Normally work is carried out on an hourly basis, but we can also arrange a complete offer.
Please contact us for further infomation on prices.

We offer 10% off beyond the first 100 hours (per year) and/or 5% off, if layout and/or the company name can be used for advertising.

Our costumers can gain discount at Elcon (Denmark) and Printline (Denmark), if the PCB is designed by PowerCAD.

Whether you are starting your project or in a state of product maturing, PowerCAD can help you with:
  • Print production.
  • Development.
  • Production of prototypes.
  • EMC Approval.
  • Production.
  • Purchase.
  • Mechanics.
  • Tools.
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